Firstly, what is an oleophobic coating!? Modern smartphones feature an oleophobic (oil-repellent) coating that protects the screen, improves smoothness, and reduces fingerprints.

However, oleophobic coatings can degrade or wear off quickly, and you will notice a patch of the screen tends to get greasy or dirty with fingerprints more easily. Also, many screen protectors do not feature an oleophobic coating, making them get grubby with fingerprints and grease.

Because our skin has natural oils, when we touch surfaces like the screen with our hands or face, the oil gets stuck on the screen. Anyone who has had a greasy screen or, perhaps even worse, just one greasy spot, knows how annoying it can be!

However, there is a simple solution to restore your oleophobic coating, or to add an oleophobic coating (e.g. iGlaco) to your screen or screen protector, to prevent fingerprints on your touchscreen. You can use an oleophobic coating kit.

Using the kit is really quite simple. First, you’ll need the kit itself, like iGlaco, which is available here

If you or someone you know suffers from an annoyingly greasy or grubby screen, now you have a solution!



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